WealthLink™ – Investor&Advisor Portals

Proliferation of electronic markets and changing investor behavior has transformed the way financial 网上澳门金沙网站services firms operate and engage their clients.There is greater focus on providing instant and always-available access to information with high priority placed on superior customer experience,while addressing continuous challenges of operational optimization and reducing expense.

This necessitates putting self-serve solutions in place that offer easy access to in-depth,and accurate information necessary for clients to make informed decisions on their portfolios.

LTI's WealthLink™ Investor & Advisor Portals are white-labeled applications that provide round-the-clock,web-based,and secure access to real-time information in English and French,with robust role-based access management capabilities.

Seamlessly integrated with Unitrax®,WealthLink™ can be used as a standalone portal,or be embedded in your corporate website with customizable UI elements such as logos,colors,disclaimers,and labels.


The WealthLink.investor application provides all the information and tools an investor needs to track their investments in a clean,intuitive presentation.Some of the many features available include:

  • Account Details & Financials
    • Account/Investment gains & losses & Performance
    • Registered Plan Details
    • Systematic Plan information
    • Current investment values & Transaction History
  • Easy -to-use Redemption Calculator
  • Ad-hoc Point-in-Time Statements
  • Paperless Investor document hosting: Support for Investor Statements,Tax Forms and Transaction Confirmations


The WealthLink.advisor application provides Advisors and Dealers with the tools,information,and insights into their investors business they need to provide a superior client experience.In addition to access to the features available through WealthLink.investor,WealthLink.advisor provides the following additional features:

  • 使24/7 secure accessto clients' data
  • In-depthreporting capabilities关于资产管理,account listings,& DSC information
  • Provides access tocompensation detailssuch as transaction commissions and service fee history
  • Providesrole-based access– Advisor,Multi-book Reps,Dealer,and Call Centre/Administrator access


  • Improved decision support
    • Instant access to accurate account financials,and custom landing pages displaying the most requested information
  • Superior customer experience
    • Simplified navigation,reduced clicks,better data findability,and a rich,device-agnostic UI
  • Reduced cost-to-serve
    • E-delivery of investor documentation
    • Intuitive self-service features
  • Quick to deploy
    • Out-of-the-box web solution witheasy personalization
  • Fully supported and maintained by LTI
  • Seamlessly integrated with LTI's Unitrax® Platform

LTI's 网上澳门金沙网站Services

  • Hosting and Maintenance
    • Quick implementation and high application availability
    • Hosting,provisioning,and management of hardware
    • Maintenance and updating of software
    • Product configuration and deployment management
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Superior business continuity with a robust,multi-location data center framework
    • LTI's proprietary,all-encompassing business continuity plan
    • Mean Time to Restore Service (MTRS) of fewer than 6 hours.
  • Product Support and Service Monitoring
    • 24×7 monitoring of application availability
    • Track ongoing operations and performance of the product
    • Application management and version control
    • Application support from 8 to 8 on all working days.